Sunday, May 29, 2011

another truth

I was clear that something needed to budge in my life, taking baby steps toward meaningful change, and listening for my call.  Literally.  And as I opened my heart to what that might look like, I struggled with trusting and knowing that I would know what is the next best thing for me.  What is my work in this world?  I know that after each choice I make, a ship of life possibility sets sail without me.  I fear that I could never know the right ship to take. 

so, I just trust.  breathe.  stay present.  and all of the other stuff falls away.  Magic happens and gifts come.   

It really is as easy as that.  My gifts are a calling.  I am called to connect to others through the courage of telling my story.  I am called to dance more joy into our worlds.  I am called to heal myself and my family.  I an called to learn more so that I can be a better teacher.  I am called to stop diminishing my calling as a teacher. This is divine and dropped into my lap for no other reason than that I asked for it. 

Sure, there are fleeting moments of doubt, but it is also true that I am as sure of these things as I have ever been sure of anything.  I am following my own star home.  Trusting the rightness of it makes the risks just a necessary part of the journey. 

I step into the flow, and then I let it go. 
I surrender. 
I surrender. 
I surrender.
I open my mind, my heart, and my soul.  (River Roberts)

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