Friday, May 13, 2011

Revolutionary Act Number One

Today I write my first blog.  I am still sorting out the intention-why write?  Why public? What is the topic? What is the point?  Here is what I know.  I write to untangle the twisted web created by the insufficiency of words and pieces. To find the core of me behind these translators that get between my soul and connection.  Sometimes I choke on words and that tells me that I need some practice having a better relationship with them. 

A long series of spiritual awakenings has led me to this couch, this computer, and this blog. A short version starts with a scene of my heart breaking open in front of my family, friends, and community and the resulting need to tap into meaning in this world.  The first time it happened was  more than twenty years ago when my little sister died.  Recently it happened again-- I was part of a group of broken hearted people supporting each other and telling our stories. Naming our raw, vulnerable, truth.  From shame to joy, I have come to believe that the vulnerability of telling the truth about our experience just might be the thing that will save us. 

Ever since I can remember, I have been passionately looking for a revolution to fight.  I moved to New Orleans at 18 years old to fight racism, I was an '80s feminist fighting for the world I believe in (mostly intellectual "fighting" around a keg of beer, but passionate for sure).  My career has been about children--really seeing, hearing, believing in children.  I am blessed with the passion to fight.  Along the way, I kept hearing the message but missed it. 

Lean into the pain. Relax.  Don't fight.  The revolution begins within.   On some level I understood, but today I get it.  My part in the revolution is to tell my truth. To be witnessed.  And to witness you as you do the same. 

I look forward to standing next to you in the streets of truth as much of a messy paradox as it will be.  I will witness your stories and invite you to hold me accountable for mine.  I believe the resulting love and human connection is the revolution I have been looking for in this world. 

My first "tweet" on Twitter was, "Revolutionary act number one: Stand shamelessly in your truth."  Besides the fact that sometimes truth might include shame, I think that is a pretty good place to start.  xo

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