Sunday, May 15, 2011

The invitation

On May 26, 2011, I will have a handfast ceremony and bind myself to truth.  I will be taking an oath to spend a year and a day exploring my own truth and writing about the experience here.

My hope is to use the process to find my edges and to expand.  I am doing this because witnessing creates accountability and connection.   The irony of this undertaking is if I have learned anything it is that truth is a vastly complicated thing--nearly all versions are far from true--a complete paradox. A dangerous relationship to delve into. 

I thought about working with vulnerability (a big slice of the truth pie), I thought about working with love or joy, but the word truth seemed to encompass all of those possibilities.  I imagine this will be an exploration through vulnerability toward some glimmer of what truth might look like for me. 

As the universe would have it, my call was answered and today life presented me with truth and vulnerability challenges. too much to go into but interesting for me to think about.   now the universe calls me to sleep.

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